5 Healthy Teas that you can make at home


Healthy teas are simple to make and a positive addition to a well balanced diet. Whether you are looking to improve your health, lose weight or boost your well being, tea provides comfort as well as medicinal properties.

Making tea is a process of steeping or infusing tea leaves and other herbs with water. Creating healthy teas at home can be a product of different ingredients with a variety of health benefits. When we think of good tea, we equate that to relaxation, wellness and harmony.

Good quality teas will properly hydrate and cleanse your body. They act as a stress reliever to help you find that mental balance. It is a nice option to start and end your perfect day.

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1. Turmeric Burdock Root Tea

front view of turmeric burdock root tea in a glass tea pot next to a ceramic cup and a wooden spoon with turmeric powder

Do you sometimes lack energy and experience fatigue in the middle of the day? The combination of fresh turmeric and burdock root tea is an excellent way to deliver powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatories into your body.

The cleansing properties of the natural compounds leaves you feeling wide awake, rejuvenated and focused. This is one of our favorites that we like to make once a week. Drink a cup first thing in the morning.


2. Matcha Lemongrass Ginger Tea

iced lemongrass match tea in a glass with lemongrass tea steeping in the background

Low calorie lemongrass tea is so refreshing and aromatic. We’ve combined it with ginger root and Matcha (green tea) powder to boost the health benefits.

The fragrant smell of lemongrass is irresistible. A common ingredient in Southeast Asian cooking, it infuses very well with almost anything.

When we cook with lemongrass, we remove the outer stalks and slice the center cut portions. This creates a good amount of scraps. You can use any part of the lemongrass stalk to prepare tea. Lemongrass is inexpensive and can be found in local grocers and Asian markets.

3. Iced Pineapple Mint Iced Tea

front view of three glasses pineapple mint iced tea

Our Pineapple Mint Iced Tea is inspired by the ocean breeze and the tropical pineapple plantations in the Pacific. 

This is really a fun tea made with steeped organic black tea leaves, fresh mint and pineapple juice. We served this for years in our restaurants and it was a fan favorite. A perfect refreshing beverage for small get togethers, family dinners or the Sunday BBQ.

In the recipe, you can control the sweetness or rely on the natural sweetness of the pineapple. However, if you love sweet tea, this is a winner.

4. Oolong Goji Berry Tea

front view of a small branch of fresh goji berries on a wooden table

Oolong has different varieties which are grown mostly in China and Taiwan. It is unique in that it is semi-oxidized as opposed to black tea leaves which are fully oxidized. Green tea leaves are not oxidized at all. The oxidation process affects flavor and some of the internal compounds.

Gaoshan Oolong from Taiwan is my favorite. After the steeped tea is cooled, I make iced tea which I drink almost every day.

I also love Goji Berries which is a superfood that grows in my backyard. Adding them to Oolong is a nice change of pace. Goji Berries support your immune system while providing nutrients and protein.

Preparing Oolong Goji Berry Tea

Steep 1/2 cup Oolong tea leaves with a heaping tablespoon of dried Goji Berries in 2 quarts of hot water (220C) for 30 minutes to 24 hours. Strain then re-heat or refrigerate.

top view of loose leaf black tea in a wooden bowl

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5. Hojicha Tea

front view of a glass tea pot with steeped hojicha green tea

Green tea is a healthy tea enjoyed both hot or cold. You will find it sweetened, unsweetened and in different flavor combinations. One of my favorites is Hawaiian Sun lychee green tea.

Outside of that I am a purist. Japanese green tea has four major types: Matcha, Sencha, Genmaicha and Hojicha. I could drink any of them, but my favorite is Hojicha for its toasty flavor that comes from roasting the tea leaves over charcoal. Similar to Matcha, it can come in loose leaf or powdered form.

Hojicha contains the flavonoid Catechins which are an anti-oxidant that aide in cardiovascular health and reducing bad LDL cholesterol.


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