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Food voice and former restaurant professional. Love the ocean, promoting sustainability, and morning lattes.


I’m Jules, creator of ricemonkee. I decided to start a blog after years in the restaurant industry to share my love for food and everything food related. My love for cooking started at a young age watching Great Chefs on PBS and spending time in my auntie’s restaurant. I attended Cal Berkeley with a major in engineering. After college I started my career, but once I discovered my passion for culinary arts, I never looked back.

Why ricemonkee?

Ricemonkee was a nickname for my son. When I was pregnant, I ate more rice than any normal person would eat. I just couldn’t stop eating rice with every meal. After he was born, rice just became a normal side to everything we cooked. Outside of pasta, it is rice with every meal! He is still my little ricemonkee.

Food is what brings us together

Just like the industry, it is not about one person. Ricemonkee is about community. Our goal is to share our passion for food through unique interpretations of classic, modern, and family recipes. We highlight seasonal ingredients and cooking techniques from a restaurant perspective (which isn’t always perfect). Over the years, friendships were created from different walks of life, from the shared love of rice and all the great things that go with it. For all of us, food is a way of life that connects us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Photographic equipment that I usually use

Camera: Nikon 3100 DSLR
Lens: 55-200mm Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED VR II
Post-production: Adobe Lightroom / Photoshop

How to start as a food blogger?

Visit our FAQ page for more information. Click on the link below.

Do you provide specialized services or consultation?

Currently we are mainly focused as a recipe and food journal website. We have a pretty extensive background to provide consultation services for the food industry. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Wanna know more? Check out the FAQ page.

Our philosophy

The restaurant industry can be brutally hard work but rewarding. We believe that food has a voice that reaches us through both feeling and senses. Our accomplishments have instilled a lifelong appreciation and curiosity to explore food culture and minimize food waste.  We believe it is vital to organically continue to provide influence and inspiration for future generations of young cooks so they may appreciate each ingredient and their respective origins.

We use the term CrossEat as an acronym that symbolizes an efficiently run professional kitchen. Menus are thoughtfully created to cross utilize ingredients. This ensures that everything is used and waste is minimized. Every ounce of waste is an ounce of profit that was discarded. The world that we live in today is vastly different from a generation ago. I believe that we need to work conscientiously to decrease our carbon footprint. Please visit my CrossEat page for more information.

In our posts we try to share as much information as possible. I have a small team of contributors, mainly professional chefs that I am close to. In the website posts we often refer to “we” when it is a team collaboration. When “I” is used it generally reflects either myself or what the person was thinking when they created a recipe.

Peace is achieved with rice and salt, not katanas and arrows.

Uesugi kenshin

Thank you for reading

We believe in supporting the little guys.  These are the organic farmers, the family-owned ranches, the fisherman, divers, and food science pioneers.  The people who are committed to future generations.  They understand the importance of minimal processing and reducing our environmental impact so the world can continue to sustain itself.

Want to be a part of ricemonkee? Contact us to become a contributor and share your recipes, cooking techniques or food knowledge on our site.

In memory of Tony Hsieh (1973-2020)

He was a generational and profound visionary that passed before his time. You were a good friend and inspiration. Rest in peace Tony.


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