Guacamole Recipe – Our Best Game Day Appetizer

I call it game day guacamole because it is one of those dishes that naturally goes with watching sports. A perfect spread might include nachos, poke, spam musubi and juicy chicken wings. There are a few reasons why I prefer making guacamole. For one, it is freshly made so it will last longer than store bought. Secondly, I prepare all the ingredients that go into my guacamole recipe. Lastly, I can control the flavor and taste based on my personal palate. In addition, I spoke about the health benefits of avocados and avocado oil in some of my other posts. AVOCADO TIPS
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About twenty one years ago, on the eve of my first anniversary in the culinary industry, I was with friends visiting Sin City Las Vegas. I don’t remember the hotel, but we met up some time between margaritas, the outdoor pool and pai gow for lunch at an Italian cafe. Let’s just say it was the MGM because that is all I can recollect. I was still really financially challenged from the career change, but I love to eat.

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