Add a little citrus to brighten up your morning

Your first meal of the day should leave you energized and refreshed with a clear mind to tackle the world. Breakfast partfaits are nothing new. This is what we have been eating as part of our weekday rotation for the last 22 years. The best part is the convenience. Prepare this the night before and you have something fast and nutritious that you can eat on the go. Fresh fruit, yogurt, citrus, raw honey, peanut butter and grain-free organic granola.

Elevate Your Morning with a Citrus Loaf

It is that time of year when the Kishu Mandarins, Honey tangerines, Ruby Red grapefruit, Meyer lemons and Cara Cara oranges are among the many citrus trees ready to be plucked. Why not make an easy quickbread bursting with citrus flavor? Our Citrus Loaf is a great breakfast addition or take it on the go. We added some candied zest and a light glaze on the top for just the right amount of sweetness. A crowd pleaser that is fast and easy to make on a budget.

Mushroom Hash is a Healthy, Satisfying Vegetarian Breakfast

A simple but satisfying vegetarian breakfast or brunch dish. We sauté potatoes, onions, king oyster mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, garlic cloves and cheese in extra virgin olive oil. This is served with organic baby arugula for a nice contrast. All it takes is a squeeze of lemon juice, a little salt & pepper and a fried egg from Vidal farms for a scrumptious healthy meal to start your day.

Mango Smoothies – Tropical Breakfast Smoothies

Mangos are a superfood. I love cooking with superfoods as it makes me feel good to know I’m putting naturally healthy foods into my body. The natural sweetness of a ripe mango with the supple pudding-like texture allows this fruit to be super versatile in the kitchen. Aside from just simply eating this fruit by itself in all its glory, you can use it for savory options, Roast Pork with Mango Relish, and dessert, Mango Bread.

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