Ponzu is a Japanese Sauce That You Need to Try

Ponzu is a citrus soy based sauce typically made with yuzu or sudachi lime. It is common in sushi bars for applications when soy sauce may be overpowering. But, there are numerous applications as a sauce especially for a low calorie, low fat diet. In this recipe we add some complex elements katsuo-bushi (shaved dried bonito) and mirin for a touch of sweetness. We combined yuzu juice with common citrus fruits, fresh lemon, lime and orange juice for a perfect balance of flavor.

XO Sauce at Home

XO sauce is a condiment found in Chinese cuisine. It resembles a caramelized chili paste. However, it is a luxurious seafood based concoction made with dried scallops, shrimp and Jinhua ham. It pairs well with noodles, rice and vegetable dishes. The recipe is not difficult with an end result that is truly worth the effort.

Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Are you old enough to remember the commercials with the jingle, “don’t drown your food”.   I think it started because of ranch dressing.  I have to admit that ranch changed my whole perception on salads.  It made me want to actually eat my greens and anything I could dip into it.  The salad bars became a go-to appetizer starting with carrots sticks then cucumbers, the dreaded tomato, any type of greens and even roasted beets tasted good with ranch.

Salmon Roe (Ikura) – Jewel of the Ocean

Salmon roe is a form of caviar that was once an obscure delicacy that is now the most consumed fish egg in the world. Popularity has grown because it is a common ingredient in sushi. In sushi bars, salmon roe goes by the name of “ikura”. As a food condiment, it has a versatility well beyond its fish egg counterparts. There are numerous Japanese dishes that utilize salmon roe as a main part of the dish or a complimenting garnish. One of my favorite simple appetizers is daikon oroshi (grated daikon root) with ikura and soy sauce.

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