The Best Chicken Cacciatore 2021

Chicken Cacciatore has its’ roots in Italian cuisine. In this recipe we roast pasture raised whole chicken pieces in the oven. The sauce is prepared separately in a pan. We combine San Marzano tomatoes with sausage, onions, fennel, roasted red peppers, baby bella mushrooms, olives, garlic, chicken stock and wine. The end result is a rich flavorful Cacciatore that you can enjoy with rice or pasta. I recommend some fresh baked ciabatta or sour dough bread to mop up all the extra sauce.

“Ohh-Musubi” Salmon Skin Onigiri with Umeboshi

Onigiri (おにぎり) or Omusubi or just Musubi if you are from Hawaii are rice balls formed with steamed rice. There are different types of fillings and toppings with some wrapped in Nori or dried seaweed. In this recipe we use broiled salmon skin, shiso, Takuan (pickled daikon), furikake, green onion and stuff it with Umeboshi (梅干) or pickled plum. Perfect for kids lunch, adult lunch or an afternoon snack. Japanese comfort food at its’ finest.

Roasted Salmon with Preserved Lemon Risotto

Oven roasted salmon glazed with teriyaki over a creamy risotto. What makes this risotto special is the combination of asparagus spears, shiitake mushrooms and preserved Meyer lemon. The flavor of the preserved lemon permeates the risotto with a slight tang that perfectly matches the richness of King salmon. If you are thinking about your main course to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this is a winner that doesn’t take much effort.

Simple Roast Pork and Gravy

When we think of roast pork, we envision luscious, juicy slices of tender pork with the fat melting around it. If you love pork, the smells in the kitchen will make your mouth water. Smothered in a rich shiitake mushroom brown gravy with hot rice and it is food coma for the rest of the evening. It is not something you are going to eat every day, but you gotta treat yourself once in a while. If you love ramen or noodle dishes with broth, this pork recipe works perfectly.

Salmon Nitsuke from the Japanese Kitchen

Nitsuke (煮付け) is a traditional Japanese dish with stewed vegetables and fish. In this version we use Ora King Salmon, gobo root, daikon, carrots, shiitake mushrooms, snow peas, lotus root and sato imo potato. All of the ingredients are simmered in a soy-dashi broth with sake and mirin. The result is a symphony of flavors and textures best eaten with some chopsticks and a steaming hot bowl of rice.

Try Our Wraps Made With Ora King Salmon

This recipe highlights great quality salmon. We use Ora King salmon from sustainable aquaculture fisheries in New Zealand. The flavor is unbelievably clean and buttery. To highlight the salmon, we visit our inner sushi chef and combine this with some sushi rice, avocado, Asian pear, lomi tomato, daikon sprouts, pickled gobo root, baby arugula, smelt roe, spicy citrus mayo and furikake. It is taking the ingredients that could be in any type of dish or salad and rolling it in thin soy paper for convenience.

Sichuan Pork and Green Beans

Sichuan or Szechuan is one of the most well known styles of Chinese food in the world. Food origins in this region date back thousands of years. If you are in the mood for bold flavors with garlic, ginger and some heat; try our Sichuan stir fried ground pork and green beans.

Congee with Turkey Stock

Rice porridge is a classic dish in Asian countries. Many times you will see it in Chinese restaurants or on a dim sum menu. In southern China it is referred to as Jook. In Japan they call it Okayu. In other parts of China and some Asian countries they use the term Congee which is probably the most well known. Whatever the name, good rice porridge is about the condiments and toppings.

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