Homemade Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Are you old enough to remember the commercials with the jingle, “don’t drown your food”.   I think it started because of ranch dressing.  I have to admit that ranch changed my whole perception on salads.  It made me want to actually eat my greens and anything I could dip into it.  The salad bars became a go-to appetizer starting with carrots sticks then cucumbers, the dreaded tomato, any type of greens and even roasted beets tasted good with ranch.

Loaded Wedge Salad with Ranch

Wedge salads are definitively an American classic. There are the basics and there are different variations with leeway on the type of toppings each individual enjoys. I am not going to say it is the most healthy salad out there because its not. But, I would never judge anyone for loving this salad. It is a treat that I eat maybe once a month. Eating an ice cold wedge salad with all of the fixings is refreshing and helps me to relieve stress.

Tabbouleh Salad made with Quinoa

What we love most about quinoa is the versatility as a side dish. It is a very adaptable ingredient that works with different flavors and textures. You could serve quinoa with eggs, fruits, vegetables or as a replacement for rice or potatoes.
The salad in this recipe is inspired by the Middle Eastern tabbouleh salad. Instead, gluten free quinoa is used in place of the typical bulgur wheat.

Orange Fennel Vinaigrette

I came up with this orange vinaigrette for an arugula salad with avocados, pecans, radishes and goat cheese because I had some leftover fennel from another dish. I also have a large pantry of dried spices so I get to use my spice grinder. It has become one of my favorite tools in the kitchen even though it only sees me about fourteen times a year.

Kale Caesar Salad with Avocado & Homemade Croutons

Kale has come a long way in its evolution as a food source. Thirty to forty years ago restaurants used kale to garnish plates, salad bars and raw bars as a decoration. After a one time use, it was discarded. Twenty five years ago, it started to appear in salads, dishes and cookbooks. It terms of application, kale can eaten raw or cooked. Less than ten years ago it gained significant recognition as a superfood.

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