Lomi Lomi Salmon – Hawaiian Feast of Aloha Series

Lomi Lomi Salmon is a traditional dish that is served in Hawaiian luau feasts. Made with salted salmon, tomatoes, onions, green onions and sea salt. This is a gluten-free, low fat, low calorie side dish with lots of flavor. Lomi salmon provides a nice contrast to rich and hearty dishes. It is a great accompaniment to steamed fish, roasted meats, starchy foods and salads. In the restaurants, we used this as a garnish for miso butterfish. The combinations was so incredible, you could never imagine not having this around.

Try Our Wraps Made With Ora King Salmon

This recipe highlights great quality salmon. We use Ora King salmon from sustainable aquaculture fisheries in New Zealand. The flavor is unbelievably clean and buttery. To highlight the salmon, we visit our inner sushi chef and combine this with some sushi rice, avocado, Asian pear, lomi tomato, daikon sprouts, pickled gobo root, baby arugula, smelt roe, spicy citrus mayo and furikake. It is taking the ingredients that could be in any type of dish or salad and rolling it in thin soy paper for convenience.

Ponzu is a Japanese Sauce That You Need to Try

Ponzu is a citrus soy based sauce typically made with yuzu or sudachi lime. It is common in sushi bars for applications when soy sauce may be overpowering. But, there are numerous applications as a sauce especially for a low calorie, low fat diet. In this recipe we add some complex elements katsuo-bushi (shaved dried bonito) and mirin for a touch of sweetness. We combined yuzu juice with common citrus fruits, fresh lemon, lime and orange juice for a perfect balance of flavor.

Root Tea is great for wellness and energy

Root teas provide a variety of health benefits. They aide your body with inflammation, digestion, reducing stress, naturally increase energy, alertness and focus. Turmeric is a powerful antioxidant. It was a medicinal root used for centuries. It is also a common ingredient in many types of cuisines throughout the world. Gobo or Burdock Root is a common food source in Asian cuisine. it also has many medicinal properties as an anti-inflammatory that aides in a variety of health related issues.

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